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Patio before and after cleaning

Pristine Patios & Paving

First-Class Cleaning Service

Pristine Patios & Paving is Kent's premier outdoor cleaning specialist. We'll restore your patios, paving or driveway to their original standard using our industry leading 5-Stage Cleaning Process.

Because different surfaces require different methods to clean safely and effectively, you need to be sure you're getting the right service from the right people.

With our extensive experience in cleaning all surfaces including block paving, natural stone, granite, slate, sandstone or limestone patios, plain or pattern-imprinted concrete, brick or tarmac driveways and softwood, hardwood or composite decking, you'll find all the experience you need with Pristine.

Our 5-Stage Cleaning Process

Step 1 - Preparation

First, we clear the area as far as is reasonably practicable of furniture, plant pots and anything else that is in the way. Any heavy vegetation is then removed and the whole area swept of loose debris.

Step 2 - Initial Clean

The initial clean is carried out using our rotary flat surface cleaner which will remove the vast majority of soiling in a short space of time.
Note: This is the point where less scrupulous contractors will take your money and go!

Step 3 - Treatment

We then treat the area using a specially formulated treatment that will enhance the colour of the surface and kill all moss, lichens and algae embedded in the surface. The area is fully brushed down to agitate the treatment ensuring maximum performance. Once it is fully activated, it is then rinsed off.

Step 4 - High Pressure Lance

The area is cleaned once again but this time using a high pressure Rotary Turbo nozzle that will remove any remaining weeds, dirt, algae and lichens. This nozzle rotates a fine jet at 3000 revolutions per minute in a 5” spray pattern ensuring any remaining marks are attacked from all angles.

Step 5 - Final Rinse

This is the last rinse down and assessment to ensure that the area is cleaned to the best possible standard. We then replace any removed furniture and clean any windows, doors and surrounding areas that may have been soiled during the cleaning process. Any sludge that has accumulated through the clean will be bagged up and removed from site and the surrounding area rinsed down.

Optional - Sanding of block paving

When block paved patios or driveways are installed, the final stage is to brush kiln dried sand between the joints to stabilise and effectively ‘glue’ the blocks together. High pressure cleaning removes the vast majority of this sand so it must be replaced. Depending on ambient temperature and conditions this needs to be at least 24 hours after the clean to allow the sand to flow in between the joints properly as fully stabilise it so this will require a return visit by the team.

When resanding is required, it is included in the quoted price. Because it is a critical part of the overall cleaning process we will always ensure we return to carry it out.

Optional - Pointing

A lot of paving slabs have a mortar joint in between, called pointing. If the pointing is in a state of deterioration it can get forced out of the joint during high pressure cleaning. You can decide during our consultation whether you prefer to risk sustaining some pointing damage to ensure a heavy clean, or if you would rather have a lighter clean where some staining may remain but with less mortar damage.

We are able to offer repointing as an optional service due to time and labour involved.


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